Angry Nurse


I will never forget the birth of our first child.  Being in the hospital with our first born was quite interesting. People have all of these ideas about what they are going to do and what they are going to say and blah.. blah… blah… until the baby gets here. Then all bets are off. As soon as he was here I transformed into the ultimate protective parent. It was quite interesting.

The nurses however had no idea of the personality switch. I guess I should have warned them. HA! The funny thing was that to me it seemed as if the nurses somehow thought that they were entitled to my child. They didn’t know that I was raised by the ultimate authoritative parenting teacher and that like it or not her traits were going to emerge from her first student. So here is how it all went down…

Angry NurseA nurse, who we had never seen before,  entered our room (kinda barged in) and motioned for me to hand her our sleeping son. Who I had been holding for about thirty minutes. (NOT LONG ENOUGH FOR A NEW DAD!)

I was like, “Uhh NO”, but instead I remember saying something like. “What’s going on? Do we need to go somewhere?”… or something like that.

She looked at me in shock and responded, “It’s time for your son to have his bath.” I was like…”But, he is sound asleep.  He’s only been here for 30 minutes. Can this wait?”

She pulled out this brush that looked like the ones that I used to use on my head to make sure that the waves looked good and said, “We need to get all of that gook off of him.” Seeing the brush and feeling her not so friendly energy caused me to quickly jump to my son’s rescue.

“Oh… that’s okay ma’am we will wash him when we get home.” I replied.

“That’s not for another two days!” She exclaimed.

“I know. He will be fine. Besides we would like to wash him for the first time together at home.” I replied.

“But he has all of that stuff all over him.” she responded.

“I know, but I figure that he has had all of that “stuff” all over him for the past nine months. A couple more days won’t hurt him. Besides we would like to give him his first bath together.” I answered.

She looked at me and then turned to the other nurse who was entering the room preparing for this “long-babyawaited” bath and said. “The Father is refusing the bath.” I’ll spare you the rest of the details, but know that we bathed our son together at home for his first bath….no brushes or angry nurses. :-)

Don’t be afraid to claim every experience your child has. They came here to be guided by you and only you. Not grandma and grandpa, not teacher or coach, or aunt or uncle, but mom and dad! You are their guides throughout this life. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Stay awesome!


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