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Thanks for visiting our blog Leechbabe.com! If you are here, you are either pursuing, or thinking about pursing, an authoritative path to parenting. What exactly is authoritative parenting you ask? Well…

Authoritative parenting:

is a child-centered approach wherein the parents provide warmth and support, and also have high expectations of their children. The parents offer the time, instruction, and emotional stability to enable their children to meet those expectations.

Here is what Wikipedia says about Authoritative Parenting. Click Here>>>

Let me just say that this is not the most popular path to parenting in the current parenting sphere, but in our opinion, it is the most beneficial to the family unit and to the child.

Leechbabe - Authoritative Parenting

We started out on a different path. We tried many different avenues, styles, and methods. For us, we found that being authoritative parents served our family the best.

Our kids were happier, there were fewer fights, and most importantly, WE (The Parents) were happy. We went from constantly negotiating the smallest actions, to giving direction and seeing quick results and implementation. In addition, we were able to do the things that were important to our lives as parents Рlike growing our business, and going on actual dates occasionally Рall of which is also in the best interest of our kids.

For our family, this authoritative parenting route is a huge winner. During our transition, we encountered our fair amount of resistance from parents who had chosen a different route and were, frankly, quite judgmental.

So we decided to start an online community of parents who were choosing this path. We are here to support you and share resources that will fortify you and your family on your journey. Welcome, friends we look forward to helping you on your journey and reading your comments. Also, feel free to check our resources page filled with books and reference materials for your parenting journey. Thanks again for reading our blog!

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