How To Calm A Crying Baby! – NO WORDS!!

Another authoritative parenting gold mine! You are going to want to watch this video on how to calm a crying baby!

Absolutely Amazing! Does anyone else see this as a recreation of the womb experience? Either way this is AWESOME!

Here is another calming baby tip!

How to calm a crying baby on an airplane! (Changed Our Lives!)

We used to hate going on trips because we knew that our baby was going to cry on the plane. The jetway to the plane seemed to get longer and longer with every step. You could just feel the energy from the other passengers who we knew were watching us. You could feel the energies of their relief as we walked passed their row. We just knew that they were holding their breath and hoping that we were not going to sit near them.

I knew that our son could feel the energy and that no matter how hard we tried we were destined to fail before we even got started. That was until this amazing thing happened.

One trip I was traveling alone for work and I just happened to have one of those plane rides where your ears just will not pop. I started doing that chewing motion thing that we all do when we are trying to assist our ears with the relieving of pressure. No matter how hard I tried nothing would work. I just blew it off and took a sip of my orange juice and suddenly like a gift from heaven, ouala they popped.

Then it dawned on me. Our son is crying because his ears won’t pop! Plane rides were going to be a breeze! I couldn’t wait to tell my wife, who would naturally say, “I don’t think that’s it.” You know how we spouses do, but to my surprise she said….”Let’s try it.”

Let’s just say… It works and it worked every time. So here is how you can implement it in your life if you have a little one.

Step 1: Prepare a bottle of liquid (almond milk, breast milk, juice, whatever?)

Step 2: Make sure that you do not feed your baby a lot of food before your trip. You need for them to be willing to drink from the bottle.

Step 3: As soon as the flight is in the air and past the 10k feet point you can remove the bottle. (This is usually about the time that the fasten seat belt sign goes off. Of course use discretion. If your child is still drinking let them drink, but if you can remove the bottle now is the time.)

Step 4: As soon as you begin your initial descent offer the bottle again.

Rinse wash repeat. :-) Give it a sot and let us know how it works for you. Happy traveling!

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